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Educational Facilities

Perspective 3-D enables online viewers  searching for educational facilities to virtually  tour the campus and walk-through classrooms in an accurate, immersive, online experience.  We provide an excellent resource for school boards  by documenting the building and its contents.  A 3D model enables  constituents to view the school online in preparation for mileage increase requests, renovation and design projects and safety and security measures.

Showcase your school or care center  to online viewers in an interactive tour that sets you apart from your competitors.

Use your 3D space as a resource for future renovations or design projects. Share your 3D space with constituents in preparation for future millage increases.

Your 3D space becomes a great resource for staff members as you orientate new hires, attract potential employees and create a tool for planning safety and security measures.  Your virtual space can also be used to document building contents for insurance underwriting.