Multimedia Content Embedded in Our 3D Spaces

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Generate more engagement by embedding videos, images, audio, and more with Multimedia Mattertag Posts By Matt Bell Co-Founder, Matterport We evolved to experience the world in 3D -- to see it, move through it, interact with objects and other people, and build rich maps in our mind as we do so. We learn fastest in [...]

6 Competitive Real Estate Secrets

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Do you have a strategy to stay competitive in 2017? Matterport  recently surveyed real estate agents and brokerages, who signed up for a webinar, about how they use technology to stay competitive in their markets. Over 300 people responded, and 76% said that their plans included VR in 2017 (check out our infographic below [...]

Realtor.com Announces Matterport 3D Virtual Tours on For-Sale and For-Rent Home Listings

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"Seeing a home is one of the most critical, but time-consuming elements of the home shopping journey," said Ryan O'Hara, CEO of realtor.com®. "By leveraging Matterport's 3D technology, we are giving home buyers the ability to explore properties they are interested in with virtual tours prior to ever setting foot inside a home." [...]

Free Download: The Official Guide to Visual Real Estate Marketing Tools and Trends

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With rapidly evolving visual marketing tools and technologies, the real estate market is more competitive than ever. Top agents leverage the newest tools to stand out. 2D photography and DIY video no longer impresses a new generation of buyers and sellers who expect engaging, online experiences that truly provide an understanding of a property.  [...]

Cutting Through the Clutter & Noise: Archiving Marketing Resources

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1.  Search Content vs. Social Content 2.  13 Tips for Creating Facebook Ads that Convert 3.  YouTube: The 2nd Biggest Search Engine 3.  Social Media Checklist

Virtual Realty in 2017

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So 2017 is going to be THE year for virtual realty and most importantly it's wide spread accessibility for the masses.  At Perspective 3-D, we are exploring how VR can be a valuable tool for the businesses in our community. Businesses are already using virtual reality to provide virtual tours, make presentations and demonstrate  products.  [...]

Matterport: It’s not just for real estate.

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Curious about implementing 3D technology to market your business to the online community? Consider the following industries and the potential use for 3D modeling technology. Real Estate Yes, the Realtor has been our regular customer and providing virtual tours for the real estate industry  is the bulk of our business.  That's because 3D scanning [...]

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